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A.E. Prevost writes character-driven science fiction and fantasy, with a frequent interest in gender, language, and friendship.
Their influences include Ellen Kushner, Ursula K. LeGuin, Alexandra Rowland, Ann Leckie, and Becky Chambers.

A.E.’s short fiction, nonfiction, comics, and poetry have appeared in a variety of publications, among them the battle-poet anthology Sword & Sonnet, the gender diverse pronouns special issue of Capricious, and the journal Redwing.

They are a core writer for The Ling Space, an educational video series on linguistics which they also direct.

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"Labyrinth, Sanctuary"
published in Sword & Sonnet, 2018

A wandering poet, fleeing an encroaching hunger that consumes the landscape, comes across a mossy structure in the woods, kept by an immortal architect.

"lush, poetic prose ... a must-read." - Barnes & Noble blog Best New Sci-Fi & Fantasy list 2018

"a gorgeous, lyrical beauty of a story ... Gobsmacked." - Maria Haskins

"Sandals Full of Rainwater"
Published in Capricious #9, 2018

A new immigrant to the rainy city of Orpanthyre navigates language-learning, identity, and belonging with the help of a local family, while nurturing the plants they brought from home.

"a wonderfully creative exploration of what gender is and what it could also be, woven into a sympathetic tale of migrant workers from different lands coming together to form a family." - Shira Glassman

"full of heart, tenderness, caring, and also pain ... about feeling disconnected from your roots, but finding a way to flourish nonetheless." The Book Smugglers

"warm and tender, even as it deals with complex issues ... gentle and beautifully told." (Maria Haskins; also on year-end recommended reading list)

"A Hand of Palaver"
Published in Redwing, 2014

On the road to a walled city, four travelers – three familiar companions and a young woman joining them for the first time – stop for the night and play a friendly game of cards and storytelling, with unexpected results.

"excellent... a set of stories-within-a-story, which build to an explosive climax." - Black Gate


A.E. Prevost has a Master's degree in Linguistics from McGill University, with a thesis on the neurolinguistic processing of the definite article in first and second language speakers of English.

They are also a huge language nerd who has been making up constructed languages (conlangs) since their early teens and is passionate about their role in fictional worldbuilding.

A.E. and Moti Lieberman founded The Ling Space in 2014, in order to share their love for linguistics with a broad internet audience. Consisting of 7-to-10-minute videos on a wide variety of educational topics (such as how babies learn language, language and the brain, the sounds of speech, the structure of sentences, and more), as well as a variety of other linguistics-related videos, The Ling Space is aimed at anyone with an interest in the inner workings of language. Each video can be viewed independently, but they also build on each other, offering easy-to-follow fundamentals of the science of language.

A.E. also helps out with transcripts for the excellent podcast Lingthusiasm, which is the brainchild of Gretchen McCulloch and Lawren Gawne.


A.E. is available for hire! Contact them below for any of the following:

From audio or video, in English or en français. Ensure the accuracy of your subtitles, produce transcripts of your presentations, provide accessible text versions of your podcast episodes for your fans!

Editorial Assistance
>Formatting and consistency
>Localization (North American English)

Please note that I am not a copy editor or a line editor; if it's an editor you need, I can highly recommend Ardre Editing.

Create a robust and intuitive index of the ideas contained in your book. I specialize in non-fiction about language and linguistics, popular science and psychology, and queer & gender studies for academic and general audiences.

Constructed Languages
Ancient prophecy in your novel? Aliens in your movie? Flesh out your invented world with a language that makes sense, culturally and grammatically.